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Here's What We're About

Ong Innovations is a company that is devoted to the development of the next generation of ideas, products, and technologies. Through science, engineering, and creativity, our company is innovating across a wide range of technology areas. These areas include clean energy, mechatronics, software, computer vision, mobile apps, wearable technologies, and home automation. Ong Innovations strives for progress in technology and to have a positive impact on humanity both locally and globally. We are committed to advancing clean, renewable energy and we support a variety of local and international humanitarian efforts.​

Our Services

Our Servuces
Mixed Reality Development

Ong Innovations is ushering in the next technological frontier with our work in Mixed Reality. In the next 5 years Holographic Computing will transform the way we live and do work. Explore some of our work and reach out to us to see how you can join the revolution!

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