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Meet Our Team

Sean Ong

With over ten years of industry experience, Sean Ong is a thought leader who has published on topics ranging from holographic computing to the economics of clean energy systems. As founder of the tech company Ong Innovations, Sean and his team actively work with clients around the globe to push the boundaries of mixed reality and holographic computing.


He is also co-founder of a robotics platform company, Laborbot, co-founder of VR entertainment company, Manuvr Entertainment Inc., and co-founder of Inflexion Point Inc., an XR app creation platform company. Sean previously worked with EMI Consulting, Navigant and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, working on technical and economic analysis for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems.


Away from work, Sean enjoys time with his family, hiking, and tinkering with microcontrollers, 3D printing, computer vision and robotics. He also frequently publishes technology-related videos and articles and enjoys engaging with his 40,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

Sean graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Physics from Seattle Pacific University. He received a Master of Engineering in 2013 from Colorado School of Mines. Sean is currently based in the Seattle, WA area.

Varun  Kumar  Siddaraju

Varun Kumar Siddaraju is a holographic and mixed reality engineer at Ong Innovations. He is at the forefront of Ong Innovation's effort to push the intersection between energy, engineering and holographic computing. Varun is also an experienced researcher and published author at Texas State University. His research includes the development of Augmented Reality applications to extract useful indoor environment coordinates from spatial computing devices, and development of facet models for Ray Tracing algorithms. Varun is skilled in Matlab, OpenCV, Unity, C#, and C++. He holds a Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering from Texas State University and a Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University. 

Paul Gumpert

Paul is an XR Engineer at Ong Innovations. He has worked on a variety of projects ranging from multiplayer VR arcade games to writing HoloLens 2 tutorials for Microsoft. He is a member of the team leading technical documentation for Ong Innovations' AR and VR products, conducting testing for QA/QC, and actively develops in Unity3D for a range of mobile device platforms and headsets. Previously, Paul worked as assistant manager at a hardware store in Italy, TX. Paul has always had a love for technology so when the opportunity to enter the development field arose, he moved to the Seattle, WA region.

Simeon Freund

Simeon Freund is student from Northwest University who is pursing a degree in Business Administration. He is a graduate from Sno-Isle Tech where he studied Computers, Servers, and Networking. Simeon is skilled in Information Technology and Business Administration. He works behind the scenes of Ong Innovations to ensure that they continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Simeon provides assistance with everything from Marketing to Human Resources.

Our Trusted Partners 

Levi Lais (APP Volks LLC)

Levi Lais, our expert designer, developer, and business strategist, grew up in the wet, cloudy, coffee-obsessed woods of Portland, OR. He designed his first app in 2012 - outsourcing the iOS dev work to India through Since then, Levi has added Swift, C#, Unity, XCode, Firebase, and other various dev skills to round out his designer skillset. He currently has multiple iOS apps that he designed & developed from scratch in the App Store, and many more mixed reality apps develiered to Ong Innovations' clients throughout the globe.

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